Creating a new campaign

Creating a new campaign
Click on +new campaign on the top right of the welcome screen.

Basic settings

1. Input the title of the campaign you want to create, this will be the title displayed on the welcome screen and the campaign selection
2. Choose a Country for the Hotline Number, we strongly suggest selecting the country that you will run the campaign in, as this will be deciding the phone number prefix displayed on your candidate’s phones when they receive a call
3.Interview language will decide the language model will be used for transcription of the audio to text (if applicable for your campaign
4. Webdialout:Provide candidates with the option to follow a link to initiate an interview call through their browser. This has to be set up by Talkpush Engineering team
5. Auto-call, if enabled a candidate will receive a call upon being added a campaign. Ex.g. when clicking on the apply button on your career site.


Permission settings

Through this drag-&-drop interface you may choose which members of your team will have access to the campaign and can thus see it and interactive with the candidates inside it.


Message Settings

1. Select the Messages that you want to edit:

  • Invitation: The messages a candidate receives to their e-mail and/or phone in order to be invited to participate in a given campaign
  • Completion: The messages that are sent out once a candidate completes the phone interview
  • Shortlisted: When shortlisting a candidate a prompt will ask you whether you would like to notify this candidate that he was shortlisted, here you may edit said notification messages
    Tipp: You can include the next step of your recruitment process into this message e.g. “Please come to our site at abcd street for an in-persona interview”
  • Rejection: Same procedure as the Shortlisted message for the scenario in which you reject a candidate

The e-mails will be sent via a address, but will have your company name as the “Sender Name”. All template options come with predefined standards that you may use.


2. Enable/disable the message type. If enabled, messages will be automatically sent out as specified above.

3. SMS Template: Here you may write the message content that will be sent via SMS. The number of characters is important as one SMS can only contain up to 160 characters, past that you will be charged for an additional SMS. The number of preview messages to the right equals the number of SMS that will be sent out for this message.
Keep in mind that you may use the Tokens in these message in order to personalize them for every candidate.

4. E-mail Template:

This template is editable from the graphic editor or by clicking on <> you can also directly edit the html. Elaborate designs are possible like this.


The Interview Creator

The interview is split into 3 main segments.
The opening Prompt is only used in the phone interview, not in the Messenger. However even with a chatbot campaign audio files have to be uploaded.

  1. The Introduction serves to welcome the candidate to the campaign.

  1. The Privacy statement serves to inform the candidate that this interview will be recorded and shared with your recruitment team. In order for the candidate to communicate his acceptance ask him to press any key on his phone.

  1. The Instructions should explain to the user that he has 4 minutes to respond to a question after it was spoken. If he wishes to proceed he may press any button on his keyboard.

The questions consist in your selection of questions.
The general recommendation by Talkpush is to have 3 – 4 questions per Interview. More questions tend to have a negative impact on the completion rate.

By clicking on Upload you can create your questions.

The Input text of the question is the text that will be displayed in the Messenger Text and should contain the question text that is being spoken in the audio file.
When uploading a file it is important to keep in mind that Talkpush only accepts .wav & .mp3 files.
When selecting the type of answer you may choose between audio, audio/text & text. Candidates will be notified in the chatbot conversation which answer type is accepted for a given question.

The Closing prompt is meant to thank the candidate for the application and inform him about the processing thereof.


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