Setting up a job posting for Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger


  • Facebook Bot Integration
    • Disable: The campaign will not appear in your Facebook Page Chatbot
    • Enable as a job position: The Chatbot will display this job opening with the data that’s inputed below in the Facebook Messenger. To the left you can see what the add will like in the Messenger
    • Enable as an inquiry type: Users communicating with your Chatbot will see this as an option in the Chatbot. Here they are asked to state their inquiry and told that your staff will get back to them. The inquiries will be visible within this campaign and you can respond to them directly.
  • Information segment
    • Here you may input all the information that you want the user to see in the Facebook Messenger, keep in mind though that there is a 80 character limit for each, do to the restricted size of an opening in a Messenger. For a detailed job description use the next segment.
  • Detailed Description
    • Here you may inform your potential applicants however extensively as you like.
    • When a candidate clicks on ‘View Description’ in the Chatbot he will be forwarded to this segment. On the Messenger Mobile App it will open a special window displaying the description within the add. On the Desktop version a new tab in the browser will be opened.
  • URL for candidates to apply to position directly via Messenger

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