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Understanding the relationship between Talkpush and a Facebook Lead Ad

Here’s how it works, as a Talkpush user, your company account is entitled to be integrated with 1 Facebook page. Once the Facebook Page & your Talkpush account are linked, you may then create some Facebook Lead Ads, provide Talkpush with your Lead Ad’s ID, so we can process your Leads and capture them into Talkpush.Selection_287.png

To start using this feature, follow the steps below:
Step 1 Connect your Facebook Page into Talkpush
a) Select any campaign in Talkpush, click on Add Candidates > Integration tab
b) Scroll down to the section Lead Ads and click on Login with Facebook


c) Sign into Facebook or if you’re already signed in, click on continue with your identity


d) Allow Talkpush Lead Ads to access your Facebook Page

allow accesss.png

e) When you return back to Talkpush, you’ll see a list of Facebook Pages, select the right


f) Talkpush is now asking for an Ad ID


Step 2a) Create Facebook Lead Ad (if you don’t already have one)
Create an Ad Campaign and a Lead Ad connected to a Lead form that contains at least the
following fields:

  • Full Name or First Name & Last name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Location

Once the Ad is created, it’ll have an Ad ID.

Step 2b) Locate the Ad ID

To find your App ID, we recommend going into your Ad’s manager and clicking into your Ad


In the Ad’s page, locate the Ad ID and copy it


Step 3 Connect the Ad to Talkpush
Once you have the ID copied, head back to Talkpush, where we left off in Step 1)

Paste the Ad ID in the field & click on submit


Once your Ad ID appears in the list below, your Ad has sucessfully inegrated with





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