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How to setup the google form properly

  1. Head over to Google Forms’ site:
  2. Log-in if you haven’t already
  3. Create a brand new form (edit questions to follow the structure below)
    • Question 1 has to be asking for the candidates’ Full Name
    • Question 2 has to be asking for their Email
    • Question 3 has to be asking for their Phone Number 

      after these 3 questions, the following is optional 

    • Question 4 has to be asking for their Location or Current Location
    • Question 5 has to be related to their Highest Level of Education
    • Question 6 has to be related to their # of years of experience 

      after this question, the following questions are only for running an ERP program 

    • Question 7 will be for the referring employee’s Name
    • Question 8 will be for the referring employee’s Email
    • Question 9 will be for the referring employee’s Phone Number
    • Question 10 will be for the referring employee’s employeeID
    • Question 11 will be for the referring employee’s account 

      after that, you may ask for any additional details for your record 

  4. Once the form is setup, switch focus to the “Responses” tab form the “Questions” tab
  5. Look for a little “google spreadsheet” icon and click on it to “Create Spreadsheet”
  6. Upon the popup “Select response destination”
    • Choose the option “Create a new spreadsheet”
  7. You will be directed to the new google spreadsheet in a new window
  8. Copy the URL from the browser’s address bar
  9. Paste the link back into Talkpush’s Add Candidate – Google Form tab
  10. Click on “Submit”
  11. Authorize Talkpush to access your spreadsheet when you’re asked to.
  12. You’ll be redirected back to Talkpush’s page afterwards and you’re done
  13. Sit and wait for candidates to signup and be automatically invited!

Here are some tips on how you should hint your candidates to fill out the form:

  • Name
    • First Name Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Location
    • City, Province, Country
  • Highest Level of Education
    • PhD or above, Masters, Bachelor, Highschool or below
  • Number of years of experience

  • Employee’s Name (referee)
  • Employee’s EmployeeID (referee_id)
  • Employee’s Email (referee_email)
  • Employee’s Phone Number (referee_mobile)
  • Employee’s Account (referee_account)

How to setup the google sheet properly for Talkpush to parse

If you prefer to use a google sheet directly (Internal access between different recruiters)
You may do so, following the same google sheet format, as if they were created by a google form!
To do so,

  1. Make sure the 1st column of your sheet is either storing a timestamp in the same format as google, or is empty.
  2. Starting from the second column, it will follow the same order and structure listed above.
  3. Column header doesn’t matter but the column order must be obeyed strictly
  4. Each row is a candidate, and you should never change the row order: New candidates should always be added following the last row on the list

**If you choose to manually edit the sheet, paste the information from an existing excel sheet. Typing it case by case may cause some system errors.

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