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Integration Help – Talkpush JSON API

Talkpush’s API allows you to instantly plug your candidate source to our platform so you can enjoy the benefits of Talkpush immediately with your existing setup!

How to create a candidate in Talkpush

If you already have your own career website and it’s been generating a great flow, you can always integrate with us by having your career website send over some crucial candidate information we require, so your candidate can receive their Talkpush interview invitation as soon as they apply on your site!

To apply to a specific Talkpush Campaign externally via our API, simply send candidate information to the following URL:

*You need to replace :id by the id of the campaign candidate is applying for

The following parameters can be send during this API call:

Mandatory Name Description
Yes api_key API KEY to identify who is using API
Yes api_secret API SECRET to identify who is using API
Yes campaign_invitation[first_name] First name of candidate
Yes campaign_invitation[last_name] Last name of candidate
Yes* campaign_invitation[user_phone_number] Phone number (without area code)
Yes* campaign_invitation[email] Email
No campaign_invitation[temporary_cv] RAW file representing candidate resume
No campaign_invitation[ source] Name of the microsite sending information
Referee Fixed
No campaign_invitation[others][referee_first_name] First Name of Referee
No campaign_invitation[others][referee_last_name] Last Name of Referee
Referee Extra
No campaign_invitation[others][referee_id] (Employee) ID of Referee
No campaign_invitation[others][referee_email] Email of Referee
No campaign_invitation[others][referee_mobile] Phone Number of Referee
No campaign_invitation[others][referee_account] Account of Referee
No campaign_invitation[others][position] Position of Referee
No campaign_invitation[others][bpo_experience] (BPO) Working experience of Refree
No campaign_invitation[others][column_title] Any extra data you wish to store

*Candidate must input at least email OR user_phone_number otherwise he wont be created on Talkpush

ATS Integration with Talkpush

Talkpush can integrate with any ATS as long as they expose an API on which we can access. The JSON structure of a candidate exchanged from Talkpush to an ATS is the following one:

"state": "hired",
"campaign_id": 12,
"id": 840,
"first_name": "Jewel",
"last_name": "Barton",
"campaign_title": "Dynamic Retail Coordinator",
"email": "",
"user_phone_number": "3448460273",
"school_name": null,
"gender": null,
"employment": [
"company": "Sanin restaurant",
"organisation_name": "Sanin restaurant",
"description": "Département de communication Travail sur la stratgeie e-marketing Retranscription écrite Français/Anglais.",
"start_date": "2017-01",
"end_date": "notApplicable"
"description": "Département Marketing PowerPoint présentation. Gestion du portefeuille client",
"start_date": "2015-08",
"end_date": "2015-08"
"description": "Département d'acuille * confirmation des réservation avec les clients.",
"start_date": "2014-07",
"end_date": "2014-07"
"description": "Travail en groupe.",
"start_date": "2013",
"end_date": "2013"
"links": [{
"url": ""
"others": {}

Talkpush can be integrated with all the leading ATS (including but not limited to Taleo, SuccessFactors, iCIMS, Lumesse, Workday, Kenexa, Jobvite, Greenhouse) and make those completed audio profiles available to all your decision makers.

Pleaes contact us at to find out more about ATS Integrations or contact your Account Manager

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