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  1. The Graph
    • This graph shows you the total Participation Rate (# candidates that completed the interview / # total invited candidates) & Pass Rate (# shortlisted candidates / # candidates that completed the interview) of all the campaigns over the past two weeks
  2. The Campaign
    • Here you’ll see the campaign name, # candidates in the Inbox, Completed & Shortlisted folders, whether Auto-call, Chatbot or Inquiry are enabled. If you created a campaign yourself or been given access to it you will see the following Action options Campaign Settings, Duplicate Campaign, Export & Delete.
  3. Talkpush Logo
    • Clicking on the the company button will allow you to return to this Home Screen from from anywhere within the software
  4. User Menu
    • Clicking here will show you access to the Company Profile, Analytics, Usage Data, My Account sections and to Logout.user menu.jpg
  5. Intercom
    • Click here to write a message and contact Talkpush Customer Support at any time